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Review "The King's Men" by Elizabeth Kingstone

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What about ... if not hot hot hot? I have already said that to me too hot do not like and that I would go straight from June to September? no??? ok I'm telling you now. Right now I feel grumpy smurf .. i haaaate the heat, I sweat hate ... 
Better to talk about books go, but this time, unfortunately, the story of which I speak has lived up to my expectations ... it was not what I expected, so my vote is remeber. It 'the first time this has happened and I am very bitter about this, but are intended to be sincere, as it should is expected of me. Among other things, obviously everything is personal taste ... and this is my opinion.

Title:  The King's Men
Author:  Elizabeth Kingstone
Series:  Welsh Blades (# 1)
Gender:  Historical, Medieval
Publication Date:  20 June 2015
Pages:  326

Ranulf Ombrier’s fame throughout 13th century England for his skill at swordplay is rivaled only by his notoriety as King Edward I’s favorite killer. Ranulf's actions have gained him lands, title, and a lasting reputation as a hired butcher. But after years of doing his king's bidding, he begins to fear for his mortal soul and follows his conscience away from Edward, all the way to the wilds of Wales. 
Gwenllian of Ruardean, Welsh daughter of a powerful Marcher lord, has every reason to leave Ranulf for dead when one of her men nearly kills him. As a girl she was married by proxy to a man Ranulf murdered, only to become a widow before she ever met her groom. In the years since, she has shunned the life of a lady, instead studying warfare and combat at her mother’s behest. But she has also studied healing and this, with her sense of duty to knightly virtues, leads her to tend to Ranulf’s wounds. 
Saving her enemy’s life comes with consequences, and Gwenllian and Ranulf are soon caught up in dangerous intrigue. Forced together by political machinations, they discover a kinship of spirit and a surprising, intense desire. But even hard-won love cannot thrive when loyalties are divided and the winds of rebellion sweep the land.

The series  "Welsh Blades":

01. The King's Men
02. Fair, Bright, and Terrible 
Let me start by saying that I approached this book for its genre, or rather for the category  to which he should belong, I really like the medieval genre in all its forms.
Unfortunately, though, I had a cold shower since the early chapters. This is not an medieval historical, at most I would call it a New Adult set in medieval times.
The romance is almost entirely focused on the story between Ranulf Ombrier of Morency (the classic beautiful but asshole), King Edward’s mastiff and great swordsman, and Gwenllian of Ruardean , unusual woman for that time, and the "hunger" that connect them , which is the way the author defines the sexual desire between the two.
"No man had ever looked that way. In defeat each worth Ruardean fighter, he had always found grumpiness or forced cheer. No man had ever looked in the face when she beat him, not for days. But he watched her like she was a mystery that was solved. As if she had some secret that fascinated him. As if she was more than just the weapon that had defeated him."
The story is somewhat linear, and it is not a point in its favor! Whatever happens it is easy to understand right from the preceding pages, some twists, if they can be called like this, are announced and easily guessed from the beginning.
It should be an historical story, in the period when King Edward I, before the campaign of Scotland, confronts  the Welsh lands and their people; Instead you get lost  too often in a slow and tedious story of the two characters and their desire, or need, to have sex ... yes, this is present since the first chapters; this tension grows as to become the fulcrum on which the lives of the characters and their behaviors turn.
The strong and confident woman, educated in the art of war and medicine, turns into an insecure schoolgirl in need of guidance. The authoritarian and feared man risks everything he has conquered, losing his soul and mental serenity. All of this for love, which already makes wide open the eyes, given the period of setting, but even worse for the "hunger" that binds them to each other ...
"He caught only a glimmer of laughter in his eyes before he was running and go away. She stood there staring at him, forgetting her veil, forgetting the armor and even the leg he had injured. He walked away, leaving in shame and defeat, robbed of his victory with a kiss."
It could have been an interesting story, the premises are all there, intrigues, wars, diplomacy, spies, and as a side dish, but only as a side dish, a love story. But nothing is concretised or told, except in a small part, because of this predominant and oppressive topic.
Not to mention, of course, the slowness of certain chapters, only to find themselves suddenly thrown forward, so that in many cases I found myself going back in doubt to have skipped a few pages or have missed some important detail.

To add discomfort in reading there are also editing errors. In some cases they make you smile, but added to the literary genre completely out of place and the slowness or absence of the story, they make your nose twist at what could have been ... but it’s not.
In short, I can not recommend this book to those who seek an medieval historical, because there is practically no trace of this and I was disappointed. On the other hand, for those looking for a romance or a new adult set in the middle age, then this could be the book for you.
Be ready to turn the page a couple of times or raise your eyebrows as question mark, but a smile will surely be torn from u, which kind it is up to you to find out ...
Ah ... I almost forgot, this book is part of a dilogy, but if these are the premises I do not dare to imagine the sequel. I do not think I will venture into that experience again.

Disappointed by his mediocrity

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