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Rewiev "The Lion loves Aries" by Anyta Sunday

Good morning! 
When I received the email from "A Novel Take PR" I was more excited that confused. 
They were calling to ask me to participate in an event to promote the release of a book by Anyta Sunday. From February 21 will start a Blog Tour and Tour Istagram so stay in touch because there will be a giveaway! 

I will not hide my happiness, I had already heard of this author, but I still had not read anything by her, and when I was also given the opportunity to read a preview of "The Lion loves Aries" I could not accept that with a heart full of joy. So I immediately started this new adventure that is fun that made me fall in love with the characters!

Title:  The Lion loves Aries
Author:  Anyta Sunday
Series:  Love signs (# 1)
Gender:  Contemporary (M/M)
Publication Date:  2016
Pages:  314

A new person come into your life at the beginning of the year; look past the moments of frustration and laugh, Leoni could flourish lasting friendship.

Whenever his mother sends the horoscope, Theo Wallace simply laugh about it. Given, however, that has not forgotten his former girlfriend and that's pretty much friendless, this horoscope in particular is likely to do to change his mind. Because the idea that lasting friendship can blossom and flourish ...
Be ', it would be a very good reason to forget the pains of the past and look forward to a splendid future.
When his sister Leona challenges him to find the perfect guy for a wedding in the spring, Theo taking the opportunity to make new friends. His former tutor of Economics and new roommate, Mr. Jamie Cooper, seems the right candidate at the right time. In the right place. So right that seems written in the stars.
All he has to make sure that Jamie is up to her sister. That may indeed be the perfect person for her, and a good friend to him.

But be careful, Leoni: the stars have in Serbia a surprise ...  

The series  "Love Signs":

01. The Lion loves Aries
1.5 Leo tops  Aries 
02. Scorpio hates Virgo 
2.5 Virgo Scorpio  loops
03. Keep Gemini Capricorn  
3.5 Gemini rules Capricorn 

The story begins with Theo who is in the mail the invitation to the wedding of his ex and former her twin sister Leona, low vision, with which it shares the house. 

Both brothers are in a loving deadlock and still have a broken heart and suffering, but not being able to show it and by maintaining a friendly relationship with their former decide to having to go to the wedding also to give an appearance of strength and to have passed it. 

To complete the picture and make a change, they decide to find each other of worthy companions for the wedding. 
Among the mail there is also a letter from the mother as every time he sends the yearly horoscope Leo, their mark.

"A new person come into your life at the beginning of the year, look past the moments of frustration and soridete, Leoni could flourish lasting friendship [...] do not be afraid that someone will waste or you break my heart, [...] head-Walk perhaps among them there will be also the soul Genella "

And look at them if they are looking for a roommate who rent the room upstairs. Want to see that this time the horoscope is right? 

Meanwhile Theo who attended the course in Applied Economics has problems with the current tutor, so he decides to track down the one of the previous semester, Jamie Cooper, hoping that will change. 

Tracking it, start a small mail exchange between one and the other information and also discovers that Jemie is looking for a place to relocate. It seems done on purpose but maybe the stars were right! 
Jamie after seeing the house decides to accept and moved upstairs.

Knowing better Jemie and seeing his considerate behavior toward his sister, Theo thinks it might be the perfect companion for the wedding and maybe even something more. 
Too bad that Jamie has very different interests regarding Leona ... and that someone else does not understand the little signals that sends him instead. 

Theo is a guy open minded and above all a caring brother. Jamie, a kind and loving person, a perfect family man whose primary goal pamper her roommates, I love it! Leona, a very sunny girl despite her handicap, she loves her brother but he knows when to be in place without interfering.

A love story, a small open window when discern the life of charismatic characters but also simple, told with a very smooth writing and rich dialogue through SMS that I have enjoyed, making it varied and original.

I appreciated the fact that you have to wait more than half of the book to get the first kiss, and yet another bit 'before some sex scene. Usually in M ​​/ M novels relationships begin almost immediately, while we could here enjoy the whole outline that history could offer; you know, it is a novel slow cooking, full of jokes, but also tense situations with fabulous developments. The only negative but insignificant is that many chapters or paragraphs begin and end abruptly resulting unrelated to each other, as if passing a long time, causing me moments of confusion in understanding what had happened.
But after all it was a pleasant reading, one of my favorites this year and I look forward to reading more of Sunday, that with this book deserves tartarugine 4 and a half!

Beautiful! Funny! Sparkling!

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