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Rewiev "Clara" by Christophe Lemoine, Graphic Novel

I could read this Graphic-Novel in the original language through NetGalley and when I finished reading it I was speechless. I had to get up off the couch and take a tour of the house, before you can put into words what he sent me. 
A short story, but with so much meaning. Clara is a "comic", but sometimes simplicity is the best way to give an important message as death.

Title: Clara
Author: Christophe Lemoine 
Illustrator: Cécile 
Publication Date: August 24, 2016 (unpublished in Italy) 
Publisher: Europe Comics

You can buy it on Amazon: 
Paper  : € 10.95 
E-book : 4,99 €

 A very nice album, wonderfully well made and put in the picture. A blow to the heart!"

"Beautiful album, tender and delicate on a difficult subject, Clara will know how to touch children and parents." --Bdgest

"In this moving story and expertly conducted, Christophe Lemoine offers his view of things and offers the smallest to the opportunity to ask the great journey that awaits us after death." - Bodoï

There are some things that a child should never endure, but sometimes life can be cruel. Clara is only seven years old when he lost his mother to cancer. Before he died, Clara's mother gives her a doll from the days of his childhood. Earlier Clara do not particularly like the doll, but it will prove a valuable ally, accompanying the little Clara along the bumpy road of pain and grief, in all its phases.
Death, as someone said, is part of life. 
Death is not easy to accept for anyone, let alone a child. 
Death is sadness and loneliness.

Clara is a girl like many, every day goes to school, he goes to the park with his mother, back home, play ... go to bed ...
But one day something changes in his daily routine, he sees the strange Mom, mom now does not want to play, has other thoughts. 
The day after the mother has to go to the hospital, it is sick, very sick and unfortunately died.
A really sad story, but unfortunately that is part of life for too many people.
This graphic novel takes us on a path of acceptance for the death of a close relative. Before the refusal, then gradually understanding, until the complete acceptance. 
The point of view is on the side of the child, making it all the more poignant and sad, but it certainly could help some parents in difficulty, maybe reading with his son and explaining the various points.
A story with a touch of magic, illustrated with simple, well-made pastel drawings, he said in a whisper, all in one go. 
Beautiful and sad.

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